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Shopping haul # 2

 My next purchase from our little shopping spree, are these gorgeous flip flops 
from Victoria's Secret PINK range.

Again, I was first introduced to Victoria's Secret from my flying days. So I was so happy, once again to find one of my favorite brands here in the UAE. 

I've always been a fan of their flip flops, they are so comfy and always have a fun color and pattern to them. When we were in the States last year they were on my list, but unfortunately I couldn't find any anywhere......

So, on Friday when we popped into Victoria's Secret, there they were, a whole display of them! Yes, immediately I was whipping of my sandals to try them on for size. This time they came in their own clear plastic zip up case. It says to use as a bikini bag, but I find it useful to keep all my suncreams in.

These ones have a fab pink, pineapple print on the base and a sparkly, white strap. Perfect for giving your poolside attire a bit of bling!

I ended up getting two pairs. One for here and one pair, of course, to take to Spain. 

Thanks for stopping by
and have a sparkling day all!

H x x

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