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Shopping haul # 3

Of course no shopping trip in our household would be complete without getting a little 
present for our Poppy!

We always pop into the shop Tchibo. We find that it's quite a 'random' shop and sells all-sorts.
Always good for a browse!

There was quite a few bits for pets and we came across this....

big 'fish'. Now Poppy loves her tunnels and she has soo many! So, we thought the fish would be a fun alternative for her. One she could cocoon herself in. It crinkles and makes a rustling sound like the tunnels, which she seems to go mad for!

So far she has only sniffed the fish, lol. She has ran into it once or twice chasing her feathers, 
but that's about it! Hopefully she'll start investigating it a bit more over the next few days!

I must admit, I think I'm more excited for her new toy then she is, lol!

Do you spoil your pets like us? I love buying her things, she's
going to need her own room soon! Haha!

Have  a sparkling day all
thanks for stopping by

H x x

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  1. That is so cute! Is Poppy a dog or cat?

    1. Hi! Aww thank you! Poppy's a cat lol... I'm still trying to entice her to sit in it haha!
      Thanks for commenting and liking my page too : )
      H x


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