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Shopping haul # 4

The next item on the mini shopping spree is this gorgeous maxi skirt, from American Eagle.

Maxi skirts have been around for years now and I reckon they're here to stay.
Which I'm soo happy about!

Especially living out here in the UAE, the summers get unbelievably hot and still having to be respectful to the local traditions, the maxi skirt is the perfect item to have.

That aside, no matter where you live, I think they are a great staple to have in any wardrobe. Again, they can be dressed up or down. They hide a multitude of sins and it's a great way to try out new patterns and prints. 

I only have a couple at the moment, so I was so pleased when I came across this beauty. My last maxi skirt I bought was, cor, probably last summer now! I do love it, I got it from New Look and it's a lovely purply blue colour with a white pattern running through it.

The only thing is, it's completely see through! Arghhh, I didn't realize, till one day I was standing in a shop, in our local mall and hubby said 'you do know your skirts see through, I can see everything!' I was mortified, haha. Even if I was still in Europe, for me, see through isn't really a good look. On the beach or poolside is fine, but not really for everyday. I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I had to go out and buy a petticoat, haha. I instantly felt like my Grandma (bless her), but it does the trick!

Anyway, back to my new item. I was happy to see it already has a lining fitted, phew, no see through dramas this time!

The material is so light and floaty. It has a black and white aztec type pattern, with two splits running up the front. I'm excited to play around with different tops and shoes, as I'm sure this will be a 'gooden' for day and night! Perfect.

(please excuse the poor photos, no one around to take my pic! promise some ootd posts soon featuring this skirt)

Do you love maxi skirts? Love to know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading and 
have a sparkling day all!

H x x

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  1. Beautiful!
    You know I love maxi skirts... I'm obsessed! LOL!
    Good evening neighbor! ;-)

    1. Hey Anne!

      Ahh thank you... I love them too and I must admit
      you've been inspiring me lately! ; )

      Hope you had a lovely day, I'm just on my way over to your post! x : )


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