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Shopping haul # 6

Now this ones for the guys!

And the last of the purchases from the mini shopping spree! (maybe there was some biscuits from M&S, but they're never round for long to snap pictures of, hehe!)

Can't forget darling hubby and he was in need of some new clothes too.

While we were in American Eagle, hubby spied some shirts....
(another one of my fave brands!)

Both shirts are shorts sleeved and lovely light weight material.

I love the different blue shades and the subtle print running through them!

I must say they are rather nice and teamed with jeans, hubby
looks pretty hot.....

I hope you've enjoyed taking a peek at our latest buys these last few days.

We really enjoyed our little shopping spree, as we've been so good the past few months saving for the Spanish house.

But, It's always good to treat yourself now and then!

Have a sparkling day

H x x

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