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St. Pete's Beach, Florida

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We visited St. Pete's Beach back in June 2011. We usually go to Fort Lauderdale, but we thought we'd try somewhere different.

I can't remember for the life of me which hotel we stayed in. To be honest, it wasn't anything special, nothing to write home about at all! It was on the beach though, not far from the Don CeSar (here). Sadly, it wasn't the Don CeSar. We often walked up the beach and had a nose in and had major hotel envy! Next time for definite.....

Bad hotel choice aside, we had a fab time there. We ate at some great restaurants, but what I was most impressed with, was the stunning beaches!

We went to Fort De Soto Park for the day and it was just heavenly. We got there fairly early, as we guessed that as the day would develop the busier it would get. We were right, but it didn't matter, as we had a good spot. I remember having an ice-cream there (probably vanilla, I always go for vanilla!) and it was soo good!

We had the best suntans while we were there. The Florida sun always gives you an amazing colour! 

The trip turned into a bit of a wildlife spotting trip, I have so many photos of Pelicans and various birds!

I would love to go back one day and return to Fort De Soto Park and definitely check in to the Don CeSar Hotel!

All in all, it was a fantastic holiday and I would recommend a trip there!

Heather ♥

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