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Throwback thursday

Keeping in the theme of my previous Throwback Thursday  post  and in honor of Father's Day next month and my own Daddy's Birthday last week,  here's a picture of me and my big sis with our Dad circa 1989!

Catch Up

Again! I've been absent from my blog. This is becoming quite a regular thing isn't it!? Anyhoo, I have the best excuse this time! I've been in beautiful Spain, with my gorgeous hubby, chilling at our amazing new home! We had a week out there (just not long enough!). There were a few dramas with the house, mainly dodgy plumbing lol, but I won't bore you with the details, as it's all sorted now!

Throwback thursday

In honor of the recent Mother's Day's across the globe and my own Mummy's recent birthday, I thought I'd share this picture of myself, my big sister and my mum when I was a tiny tot!

Finding the perfect summer evening shoe

At the moment, I am obsessed with the strappy caged style sandal. Everywhere I look, they are on the T.V, celebrity feet, all over social media, everywhere, but on MY feet! A couple of weekends ago hubby and I went to Abu Dhabi, to meet up with an old friend of hubbys (seriously, everyone seems to pop up in the UAE, but that's for another subject, lol). We went to one of my favorite bars on Yas Island called the Y Bar. It's fun, trendy, great location and they do a gorgeous steak!...

My blogging platform

If you use Google+ you would of noticed one or two communities on there! The 'communities' can be about anything from what I can gather and there are hundreds of 'blogging' ones. A few I have noticed though, seem to have 'rules' like, you must use a bolded title, hashtags, only post once a day, etc etc. Which if I'm honest, I find a little annoying.... So, I started my own! It's called ' My Blogging Platform '. I've included quite a few different categories and I'm always happy to add more if anyone wants one added : )

Three weeks.....

I can't believe it's been three weeks since I last posted on my blog!  I must admit I started to feel a little bit disheartened with it all and was questioning 'what am I doing here' and 'is anyone actually interested in what I'm writing'. After a little break away from my blog and some much needed words of encouragement and basically a kick up the bum lol, from my lovely friend Steph (who's blog is pricelesslifeofmine , which you must check out btw!) I've decided to pick the pen (or laptop rather) back up, and here I am!
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