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My blogging platform

If you use Google+ you would of noticed one or two communities on there! The 'communities' can be about anything from what I can gather and there are hundreds of 'blogging' ones. A few I have noticed though, seem to have 'rules' like, you must use a bolded title, hashtags, only post once a day, etc etc. Which if I'm honest, I find a little annoying....

So, I started my own! It's called 'My Blogging Platform'. I've included quite a few different categories and I'm always happy to add more if anyone wants one added : )

The only rules are to keep it clean, happy and polite. 

Us bloggers basically just wanna get our posts out there, so that's why I started this community, so us bloggers can post away and as often as we want!

If you're not a blogger, it's still a great community to join, as there really are some great blogs popping up! 

Already, it's at 259 members and growing everyday! 

I hope you stop by and take a look and join My Blogging Platform!

Keep Sparkling!

H x x


  1. I think its' great and well done to you. Different options suit different people and its good to have the separate categories. Keep up the good work x


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