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A cats life!

They say 'It's a dogs life', but after noticing my Poppy's recent behavior,  I'd say it's very much 'a cats life' too!

Midweek pool time bag

I don't know about you guys, but my pool bag/ beach bag is always busting at the seems when hubby and I go to the pool. At the weekend we are loaded up! My bag has double the amount of stuff, we have suncreams, caps, glasses, sunglasses, noodles, lilos, water bottles and cool box! Crumbs and we only go across the road lol! During the week it is a completely different story. I leave the lilo at home, sometimes take the noodles, so I can float, but try not to, as it always distracts me from getting on and doing some swimming!

Everyday I'm tasseling!

I've come to notice a little, that I'm starting to become drawn to all things tasseled.  Currently, in my wardrobe, there are a few things knocking around that are rocking some fringing. My lovely beige, crochet casual bag, a recent buy of a tan crochet waistcoat, that's currently residing in Spain. A gorgeous, long, black, tasseled necklace, that I love to wear with a simple vest top. And, not forgetting, my recent purchase of my amazing, Jimmy Choo, tassled, ankle boots! (Look out for these items on future ootd posts!)


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