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Everyday I'm tasseling!

I've come to notice a little, that I'm starting to become drawn to all things tasseled. 

Currently, in my wardrobe, there are a few things knocking around that are rocking some fringing.

My lovely beige, crochet casual bag, a recent buy of a tan crochet waistcoat, that's currently residing in Spain. A gorgeous, long, black, tasseled necklace, that I love to wear with a simple vest top. And, not forgetting, my recent purchase of my amazing, Jimmy Choo, tassled, ankle boots! (Look out for these items on future ootd posts!)

It seems, I am completely attracted to the fringed trend. Whether it's because, summers around the corner and I am channeling my inner hippy or that the fringe, I feel, just gives your outfit, a bit of 'umph'! Either way I'm in love!

Here's a few things I've spied on the internet the last few days, that I am completing lusting after!

Primark Waistcoat

Mango Necklace

Primark Bag

Zara Top

Zara Earrings

Are you guys loving the tasseled trend? What's your fave looks for
summer? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a sparkling day all!

H x x

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