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Midweek pool time bag

I don't know about you guys, but my pool bag/ beach bag is always busting at the seems when hubby and I go to the pool. At the weekend we are loaded up! My bag has double the amount of stuff, we have suncreams, caps, glasses, sunglasses, noodles, lilos, water bottles and cool box! Crumbs and we only go across the road lol!

During the week it is a completely different story. I leave the lilo at home, sometimes take the noodles, so I can float, but try not to, as it always distracts me from getting on and doing some swimming!

When it's just me I leave the 'family' sized beach bag at home and tend to use a smaller more lightweight one, just big enough to carry my 'bare' essentials.

Which usually consist of, just the one suncream bottle, my cap, a book, phone and keys.

The bag I'm using at the moment is from Forever 21. It's a perfect size, they have fab patterns and are very affordable (around the €1 mark!) I have a couple at the moment and I'm loving this Paris themed one. Next time I'm passing, I will definitely be picking up some more!

What are your poolside 'bare' essentials? 

Have a Sparkling day

H x x



  1. Could have done with one of those for Spain in May and what a bargain!!! They would be great for me too as they weigh nothing in your case do they? Need to find my nearest Forever 21, I know we don't have a local one....Boo.......x

    1. I love them! Yes they are perfect for taking on holiday with you! I'm sure I've seen them in Primark too. I've bought some bigger ones recently in Primark in Spain, more of a fabric material and they were only about €1.50! Love the different patterns and they don't break the bank! : )
      x x x

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! There's a huge one at La Zenia Boulevard which is not far from our house : )

      Love it! X


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