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Catch up

I hope everyone's having/had a fab weekend! Ours was fairly relaxed and chilled.

Other then refereeing the continued cat fights between Poppy and our newest fur-baby Lily, (which is being very tiresome to say the least!) we have been relaxing over at the pool, spending most of the day floating on the lilo and planning our future.

We love chatting about things we want to do on the Spanish house and planning how many more years of playing in the desert we need to do before we can go and live our Spanish dream permanently! (quite a few more yet, lol!)

We've been back from Spain a few weeks now and are already on
count down to the next visit!

It's so exciting having our own 'home' again and being reunited with our belongings after being in storage for over four years! We have so much still to sort out on the house and furniture to buy, but we're enjoying it being a 'working' progress and sorting things out as we go along. We've planted some 'climber' plants in the garden, hoping they will explode and grow over the wrought iron fence. Looking forward to seeing their progress next time we're over and hopefully, I will have some time to take some 'blog worthy' photos for you all to peruse!

H x x


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