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Chit chat, this & that

Wednesday! Crumbs! Seriously, the weeks are flying past rapidly at the mo! Not that I'm complaining or anything. I actually love how quick this year is going and we'll be back in sunny Spain before we know it!

Today we're taking Lily to the vets for her booster. Bless her, I hate it when they get their jabs. Poppy was a nightmare (and still is) she's screams and wriggles, the claws come out and I actually fear for the vets arms, cringing inside as she pounces on him like a crazed lunatic! I'm hoping Lily will be a lot calmer!

Talking of my fur-babies, the fights are still on-going. I don't know if they're getting better or I'm just becoming used to Poppy wanting to attack Lily every five minutes and wanting to bop her one on the head! Poor thing is scared silly when she sees the Tiger wannabe! But, I'm gonna power through and I know one day they will be firm friends!

Feeling extremely positive at the moment, which I think is the only way to be! I've been finding fab quotes on the internet and posting them to my Facebook page. They've been getting quite a good response and I hope they make a positive impact on you guys as they do on me.

Hubby's back from his little business trip to Dhaka in Bangladesh. Not the most glamorous of places lol, but he had a good productive trip. Oh, and I got the regulatory fridge magnet brought back for me!

Hope everyone's having a lovely week, nearly the weekend for us
and I'm looking forward to more lilo action over at the pool!

Catch ya later!

H x x


  1. Where's the pic on here of your lastest fridge magnet then? I love that you're being positive, you can sense it and your posts are coming in thick and fast, love it! Also love the positivity quotes so keep them coming in, they really do make you stop and think xx

    1. Thank youuuu! You should be able to click on 'fridge magnet' and it'll take you to it on my Instagram (I hope!) trying to be techy lol!!! x x x

  2. Replies
    1. Awww thanks! Think it might be a regular feature! Haha x x


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