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.... Did I miss something?!

Erm.. where has the week gone???!!! 
Seriously, I cannot believe it's our weekend already!

Ramadan is now over and Eid started on Monday. Hubby got two days off, some people got three and others the whole week! A bit disappointing hubby's company and probably a few others only got the two days, but hey, it's still bonus days off and slowly get's him back in the swing of full days back at work, after a month of reduced hours!

Monday and Tuesday were literally just extended days of our usual weekend activities, floating in the pool! lol. We did want to go away for a couple of days, but there were no flights available and hotels bump their prices up around the Eid holiday. We were lucky and our community pool was really quiet, much to our surprise and we had it to ourselves most of the time! Bonus! No need to go away really! The rest of the time we just chilled out and made the most of not having to get up to the sound of an alarm! 

I've been sorting out my old pictures, getting them off my old laptop and saving them on to disc. Not sure if I told you guys, but I made a big blunder and deleted a load of my pics from my G+ and it subsequently deleted them off my blog! Major fail. So, I'm slowly trying to re-add them to my posts. Not all bad, as it means I can look over older posts and tweak them if needed, always try to look on the positive! 

My friend, who flies the skies for a very trendy, transatlantic airline, has a night stop in Dubai tomorrow night, so we're meeting up for an early dinner and a catch up. I'm sooo looking forward to it, as I do miss my girly friends and chats!

Also, some HUGE news!!!!!!!!!! 
Well, I think it's very exciting haha. My blog is now .com! 
I purchased my domain name and have dropped the 'blogspot'. Still love you though blogger!
I feel all grown up and a lot more profesh with my blog now! Hehe...

So, what have you lovely lot got planned for the weekend?

Have a good one lovelies!

Heather x x

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