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It's all about the small changes

As Summer is clearly upon us and holiday season has well and truly started, I'm sure we're all looking down and grimacing at our wobbly bits that we vowed would be gone by now! 

To be honest, I'm no supermodel and have my fair share of muffin tops, a pot belly and  wibby wobbly legs! I'm not really a gym person. I'd go a couple of times and then never make it back! I would love to be one of these girls who loves the gym and can motivate themselves to go everyday, but that's just not me.

As my age is creeping up and I'm well into my thirties the 'ol metabolism is certainly starting to slow down and the days of drinking and bingeing on food are gone and it's time to start being a little more sensible when it comes to my food choices. Having tried fad diets in the past, which have worked, but then as soon as I start to eat 'normal' again, bam! I'm double the weight I was when I begun!

I've stumbled across some quotes on the internet recently and one of them was 'small changes make a big difference'. I got to thinking that, if we all made a few small changes to our eating/fitness habits and generally our day to day life, I'm sure over time we would certainly see some big changes in our health and fitness. 

I've put together a little list of things that seem really obvious and easy to implement into our daily lives.

* Take the stairs instead of the lift

* Park a little further away from the shops

* Drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day

* Cut back on the caffeine. Switch your tea & coffee for Green Tea/Peppermint Tea/Hot water with lemon

* Skimmed milk instead of semi or full (after a while you don't even notice the difference and then even semi skimmed tastes really creamy!)

* Switch fizzy drinks for water (seriously it's all about the water!)

* Have rice noodles instead of pasta & regular noodles

* Wait 20 mins after dinner to let it all go down before you go for seconds and dessert

* Don't hide away in baggy clothes, be aware of your problem areas, if your clothes feel a little snug you're less like to have that extra biscuit!

* Do some sort of exercise each day - a walk after dinner or some simple exercises in the morning, the lolo 7 min workout app is great for this

*Cook from scratch where possible, that way you know what's going into your food and you can control the ingredients!

* Snack on hard boiled eggs, fruit, carrot sticks and cucumber sticks

* Concentrate on the food you're eating, try to sit at the table & avoid watching the T.V at meal times

*Pictures from the internet

The main thing is don't get stressed out or feel overwhelmed by wanting to shed that excess weight, implement a few changes here and there and after a while it will feel natural and you'll be embracing your new lease of life! 

Starting off slow with the small changes, I really believe we are more likely to keep it up and keep the changes in our lives forever.

Good luck everyone, we're in it together!

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!

Heather x x


  1. Great post. It's so true about the small changes, it's making them and sticking to them that's the problem. I'm trying real hard though now and I WANT to see results. We are certainly in this together. x

    1. Ahh thanks Steph! I do believe we should try to make little changes and then it doesn't seem so drastic and feel like we're being bogged down on a diet or new regime. I've had a little binge this weekend, but I'm not beating myself up about it like I used too, just carrying on making sure I do some sort of exercise every day and drinking my green tea lol! x x


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