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L'Oreal Elvive, ExtraOrdinary Hair Oil

Since going to Spain I have found a fantastic English hairdresser, who's salon is literally five mins walk from the new house! 

It's so refreshing having a good hairdresser again, after years of bad UAE hair cuts and coloring!

I don't bother going to hairdresser's here anymore, just wait till we're next in Spain and get it done properly!

Anyway, the point of this post is that my hairdresser Roxie, recommended me this hair oil.

I got it from Al Campo supermarket in Spain, but I'm pretty sure it's sold everywhere. + + found it in Boots here

It's absolutely Amazing! 

I apply it to my hair whilst it's still damp, just a tiny pea sized amount and massage it through. Once I've dried my hair it is so manageable, feels so soft and smooth, with no fly-away bits.

I'm usually a bit weary when it comes to hair oils, as I'm always worried they're going to leave my hair feeling greasy and well, oily. The complete opposite, can't recommend this product enough!

It cost me about €8 for 100ml, but it's well worth it. You only need a tiny amount, so this bottle will last you for ages!

♥ Heather

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  1. Woah....this is defo on my shopping list then. I'm still trying to grow out my fringe and I've got that many fly away bits of hair they drive me round the bend! I know we're all different but I love it when someone tries something and then passes on their opinion. Will let you know how I get on! x

    1. Brilliant! Let me know how you get on : ) x x


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