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Mai Tai, Hilton Al Hamra Beach, Ras Al Khaimah

So, in Thursdays post (here) I mentioned that we weren't gonna be going out because of hubby's lingering cold. To my surprise on hubby's way home from work he called me and said 'do you fancy going to Mai Tai tonight?' Erm, let me think about that for a minute! YES!! If you know me or have been keeping a close eye on my blog, you'd know I'm quite partial to the odd Cocktail and I love my food and of course date nights with my hubby!

Mai Tai is part of Trader Vics and famous for their Cocktails. One has recently opened up at the Hilton Al Hamra Beach & Golf Resort, here in Ras Al-Khaimah (check it out here!).

It's been done out superbly and I love the Polynesian style. I had to restrain myself from taking too many pictures, as hubby was getting hungry and wanted to order, and of course enjoy the night without me snap, snap, snapping away lol!

Our starters were delicious! I had the 'Jalapeno Cheese Balls' and hubs the 'Crab Rangoon'. We were so in awe of our starters. They were soooooo good, I can't stop going on about them and the Cantonese mustard and ketchup that accompanies them was so tasty! 

For main I went for the 'All In One Rice' and hubby the 'Cheese Steak Sandwich and Fries'. Blimin 'eck our taste buds were having a party. The prawns in my rice were so juicy and a fair size too. Such a good portion as well, I definitely recommend this dish. 
Hubby's Steak Sandwich was delicious and cooked perfectly, medium to well, just as he likes it. 

Considering the location of Mai Tai and being in a five star hotel, we were quite impressed with how it's been priced. We've noticed that in some of the hotels they get greedy and make the menu so pricey and most of the time the food isn't worth what you're paying at all! This is so not the case with what we had. 

Along with the amazing food we had the sweetest waitress Rosemary. Actually, everyone was so friendly and welcoming in there, they are definitely a credit to the company!

After dinner we sat outside and of course a Cocktail was in order! I had the 'Trader Vics Cocktail', made up of  rum, lime and sugar. Man it was good! and strong! 

It was so relaxing sitting outside and they had the cooling systems on the go, as it was really hot and humid. I was a good girl and stopped at the one! Hubby was driving as he didn't fancy drinking and to be honest I got quite a good buzz from my cocktail. We enjoyed our dinner and the surroundings so much, no other alcohol was needed. It really was a perfect night.

Crumbs, I really am salivating as I write this! I think we will be definitely making Mai Tai a regular for us!

I wore my favorite denim shorts from American Eagle, with a chiffon top, also American Eagle  My baby-blue & cream bag from Accessorize and nude heels.

Heather x

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  1. Whoah, location, food and an outfit post all rolled into one! Look and sounds like a fab place and the food delish and must be so lovely with the balmy evenings you have most of the time, just to be able to go out somewhere like that and sip on cocktails. A girl can dream and that's mine!! Are you only allowed to drink alcohol in the hotels over there? Fab outfit choice as well, love everything about it, wish I could get away with wearing shorts but my legs are not to be on show! xx

    1. Aww thank you hun! We do love it there and so pleased it's opened up as Dubai has soo many restaurants etc to choose from you're completely spoilt for choice, but it's much quieter where we are and a bit limited! It is getting better tho! : ) Yeah you can only have alcohol in hotels, golf clubs etc can get a bit pricey at times, but still got to enjoy yourself!! x x


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