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Monday Madness

So, this morning started off with a major drama for me! 

While sitting down with the first cup of tea of the day and catching up on internet stuff on my trusty little laptop, the usual morning cat fight begun. As I jumped into action to break up the fighting kitties, I tripped over the laptop cable and it flew out of my notebook! (and for some reason it will only work if its plugged into the mains! It has no life on it's own, there goes me being able to take it on my travels, lol!).

Anyway, after separating my beautiful babies my laptop had gone completely kaput. After spending hours trying to get it to work and get past all this crazy code and wording, that I have no idea what it was going on about, the only thing left to do was hit the restore button. Unfortunately, it was going to restore it back to two years ago! Arghhhhhhh! 

After it  had finished and windows appeared, my greatest fear was discovered. All my files, photos, etc had gone. Sad face and mild panic attack coming over me. I'm sure a computer whiz out there would of been able to find everything for me, but me, with zero techno knowledge, all there is to do is to start from scratch again. 

Luckily, my Google chrome still had all my pages book marked and my blog is still in tact. Just the files are non-existent. Hmmm, well not all is lost because I do have all my photos and info still, it's just scattered around the place between old laptop, discs, phone and memory sticks. Putting a positive spin on things, it means I can start my files from scratch and I can make sure they are much neater and organized ( which I have been meaning to do anyway!)

If you keep up with me on Twitter you would of noticed my melt down tweets! It's good to vent and in a weird way it helped me re-group and think about things logically. Kinda the new techy version of talking to yourself, haha!

Anyway, still feeling slightly stressed out by it all, I took some time out. I sat down with a cup of tea (which fixes everything!) and  watched 'The Other Women'. Which, may I add is a fab film and definitely will be in the watch again pile!

I hope you guys have had a better Monday then me! The main thing is, always try to put a positive spin on things, even if they're not initially going the way you originally planned! 

Everything works out well in the end!

H x x


  1. What a nightmare day for you poor thing. I would have gone into complete meltdown!! So it's done you a favour in a kinda weird old way? And you are so rght, a cuppa fixes everything! Great post x

    1. I must admit my pictures and download files were swamped, so yeah it's good that I have to start from scratch and make up proper files this time and be more organised!

      Cup of tea always does the trick! How very English of us! Lol :D
      x x x


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