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Mufti day!

Yay, it's Mufti day!

Now, I was completely unknown to the term 'Mufti day' until my hubby started to say it on a Thursday. With our weekend in the UAE being a Friday & Saturday the last day of the working week is Thursday, dress down day at hub's office. Or 'Casual Friday' to the western world. 

At first, I really thought hubby was making this up, (but I turned to trusty Google and voilá it was there, a true meaning! well I never).  Hubs said, that's what they called it at his school when you had 'wear your own clothes day' or 'non uniform day'. Ours was 'tag day'. It always baffled me why you would call it 'wear your own clothes day', as isn't your school uniform your own anyway? Lol! So now, every Wednesday night we always say, Yay, its Mufti day tomorrow!!

So, being the domestic goddess I am (lol). Thursday for me is always having a tidy up of the house and getting things in order for the weekend. That way, I don't have to be doing housewifey duties on the weekend! It's completely left clear for family time! (Me, hubby and the two cats!) Perfect.

This weekend for us is gonna be more bobbing around on our trusty blue lilo and catching some rays.

We were planning on going out for dinner in Dubai, but hub's retched cold is still lingering, so I think it's best he shakes it off completely before we go gallivanting in the big smoke!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend whatever you're up too!

Happy Mufti day peeps!

Heather x x


  1. Well what a funny saying. Never heard of that one before. Shame about hubbys cold as dinner in Dubai sounds lovely. Maybe you'll make it next weekend. Happy Mufti day to you both and have a fab weekend bobbing about! x

    1. Haha I know, I really thought he was making it up at first lol... Ahh weekend was great lot's of floating lol.. Hope you're havin a good one x x

  2. What a funny story. Now I have to think of mufti day every thursday !!


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