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Our new fur baby

We returned from our amazing, but busy vacation in Spain nearly two weeks ago now. The time has completely flown by and the main reason that we haven't fallen deep into post holiday blues, is our adorable new kitten, Lily.

The cattery we take Poppy too, is also an animal rescue centre. RAKAWC (Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Centre) do an absolutely amazing job. Lily (or Roxy, which was the name given to her by the centre) caught our eye after we dropped Poppy off.

She was a little lost sole found in the desert and taken to RAKAWC. Whilst we were away, the guys who work there did a great job at introducing the two girls and they seemed to get on, even though Poppy was a little wary.
After picking Poppy up on our return, Lily came home with us too. I must admit the first week was very challenging to say the least! We were so very tired after our long journey back from Spain, that it all seemed too much! We made the spare room into Lily's room and she seems very happy and content in there with her bed, food, toilet and toys.

Sad to say though, that after a week of constant cat chases (from Poppy) growling, pouncing, hunting and punches, we kinda got the impression Poppy wasn't too happy about the situation! Time for a change of tactics. We are now trying to introduce them slowly again and starting to get them (well mainly Poppy) used to each others scents and sounds through the doors. Then we will try some meeting between them both.

Poppy has become extremely territorial (which I know cats are). I had a bunch of toys packed up ready to donate to the welfare centre, as Poppy hasn't shown any interest in them for ages now and some of them she has never played with. So, I thought little Lily can play with them. Big mistake, now Poppy wants them back! She lies on them and rubs herself all over them! A little bit of a jealous streak coming through I think!

It's quite sweet really, but I do feel bad for Poppy. I guess from her perspective, for the last three years she's literally ruled the roost and had Mark and I firmly under her paws! Then all of a sudden this little bundle of energy has appeared and turned our her world upside down!

Lily is absolutely adorable though, playful to say the least, but completely harmless and we really love that she's part of our family, we just hope Poppy starts to except her soon! 

My phone is already jam packed with pictures of her! I'm trying very hard not to bore our friends on Facebook with constant pictures of Lily eating, sleeping and well, just being cute! 

Here's a few pictures for you guys to look at, because I know, you'll appreciate the cuteness of our adorable fur-baby!

If there's any experts out there or you have any advice from previous experience of socializing a new kitten with a cat, please, please, please share your info with me!

Heather ♥

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  1. Hello Lily! I never had pets as a child (parents had allergies) and never wanted one as I grew older but I can imagine how hard it must be getting Poppy to accept her, never mind like her! A bit like kids, when you bring your new baby home to introduce to the older sibling, (although no scrapping takes place) they don't quite like it but have to accept it. The bit about the toys made me laugh!

    1. Haha thanks Steph! Yep it is a bit of a headache lol, hopefully they'll be friends soon! Lily is so cute, she is like a child. She carries her soft toys in her mouth and takes them to her food bowl with her, she sits them down right next to her (sometimes even in the bowl! Dry food, don't worry haha) I think it's going to take time, but I'm feeling more positive that they will eventually get on!
      x x


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