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Hamburg Marriott Hotel

~ this post contains affiliate links - see more on my  Disclaimer/Contact page  ~ Last week Mark had to go to Hamburg for work. It was a long old slog, he ended up being delayed out there, so he worked seven days straight. A couple of days in the office before he went to Germany and the remainder were long fourteen hour days, early starts, late finishes.  He was out there for an aircraft delivery. Even though Mark is in management now, he still has his Engineering Qualifications, so is more then qualified to inspect the new aircraft and accept that it's all tip top for the company. Anyway, he stayed at The Marriott right in the centre of Hamburg. Most of the time Mark was at the Airbus Delivery Centre, but the day he arrived he managed to have a quick look around, not far from the hotel. I must admit when he sent me some pictures, I was soooooo jealous. Hamburg looks so nice. I quizzed Mark about the hotel and he had nothing but great commen

Some cuteness for the weekend!

Some pictures of my beautiful fur-babies I've taken over the last few days. Sadly, they are still not getting on and when they're awake it's a constant game of cat and mouse!  Oh, and Poppy has started marking her territory, big time!!  A lot of stress and major headaches going on at Suncream and Sparkles HQ recently, lol! Have the most fabulous and sparkling weekend all! H x x

Grand Hyatt Doha

- post contains affiliate links - We went to Doha back in September 2011. We went just for the night, I think I was on a 'visa run' to activate my new residency visa. Instead of doing the usual there and back, Mark and I decided to make a night of it. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Doha (check it out  here ) We had a club room, so we had access to the lounge, which also meant free food and drink! Yipee!! I remember the food being stunning. They had Sushi on the night we stayed and it was just gorgeous. I think we definitely got our money's worth. Breakfast was also served in the lounge, lot's of croissants & pastries, cereals, juices, tea & coffee. Delicious!  The hotel overall was excellent. The rooms, the hotel grounds & communal areas and obviously the club lounge were a hit with us! The pool was huge, with ample sun loungers, also with a gorgeous beach. The only thi