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Doughnuts and Shopping

So, this weekend of mine was a pretty good one. 

Lot's (and I mean lot's) of Krispy Kreme doughnuts 
and a spot of shopping thrown into the mix!

In celebration of India's Independance Day, Matalan were offering 25% off everything in store over the weekend! So, we thought we had to have a little look, be rude not too!

So excited to be let free to shop and even though the week before we were in there (here) and picked up a few things in the sale, this time I did struggle.

Don't get me wrong I tried on so much stuff, but wasn't feeling the love, lol. I was really excited to finally get my hands on a Kimono I had spotted on the website, but sadly I couldn't see it in store anywhere, gutted! I think they have different stock to the UK (and not everything they have on the website is in store).

Anyway, I did pick up this fab Tee. I love the New York motif and the colour, even though sometimes you may think grey is a dull colour, I think the absolute opposite. It's so versatile, that it can be matched with pretty much every colour in the rainbow and grey is flattering on everyone!!!

Some more grey tees I'm lovin'  here//here//here//here

Hubby did so much better then me! He got himself a couple of swimming shorts, and a pair of 'everyday' shorts too. Must admit, Matalan have a really good range of mens swimming shorts (here) and considering the price they're good quality! 

And my last minute 'at the till purchase', this fab little water sign!

I love it so much! 
This will definitely be going over to our Spanish home. 
I think it'll end up on the wall of our 'den' in the cellar. 

Again, they had sooo many lush things in the 'home' department (here). There is some seriously nice stuff in there and such reasonable prices. I could of bought so much to take over to Spain, but even with a generous 25% off I was still being restrained (god I must be getting sensible in my old age! Haha) I'm still conscious that we have just bought a house and have a holiday looming, I want to save some pennies to spend in Espaná too!

After a satisfying shop and my husband still being amazed how I can spend over an hour in one shop and only come out with a t-shirt! Haha... We went on to do our weekly grocery shop (the glamour!) and OMG! we caved at Krispy Kreme again and bought loads of doughnuts! Well, weekend treat haha!

We're into the mini ones at the mo. Obviously we love, love, love original glaze, but the ones with chocolate icing and smarties, is very close behind! Yum!!!!! 

Hope everyone had a good one! Let me know what you got up too!
And if you share our obsession with Krispy Kreme too!

H x x


  1. Love love that first shirt :)

    1. Thank you! I love it too! Can't wait to do some ootd posts with it! : ) x x


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