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Dressing room inspo!

As you guys know we've recently pur-chased a house in Spain, which is a complete blank canvas, with neutral walls and floor tiles throughout. We've had our stuff shipped over from the UK that's been in storage for the last 4 and a half years and now it's time for a major sort out! Tricky when we're only there a week at a time, but nevertheless it's all good fun!

I've mentioned before that I've got the 4th bedroom as my dressing room. My dream has always been to have a walk in wardrobe and when hubby suggested, that I have one of the bedrooms as a dressing room, well, you can imagine my delight and huge smile across my face!

I did try to negotiate having the 3rd bedroom instead, but hubs was having none of it, lol. So, that one is staying as the spare room. On further thinking though, I am kinda pleased, as even though the spare room is slightly bigger, the view from my dressing room is a lot better! I over look the side part of the garden, whereas the spare room, will look out to the house next door (when it's built anyway!).

So, I have the most gorgeous rug in my dressing room, which we got in Spain (from Leroy Merlin) and I need to take some pics to show you guys! I've bought a couple of other bits, a small heart shaped mirror and a bright pink cushion that says 'love is all you need' on it, I got them both from Primark.

The room is soo cluttered at the mo and has zero furniture, but it's not too much of a problem until we're living there permanently. There are fitted wardrobes in every room, so I have got some storage space. Eventually, I will get some sort of chest of drawers in there and some shelving and of course a huge full length mirror. I'm thinking of having all white furniture, I really like the Hemnes range in Ikea. I'm going to make sure my accessories do the talking, pops of colour and interesting pieces. 

I'd love to have a bright patchwork chair for the corner, but I think it may 'over power' the room and might look like there's too much going on. At the end of the day it is a dressing room, so I need space to twist and twirl and play dress up! Saying that though, I do want some sort of seating in there and I've been looking at various styles of ottomans online.

With all that in mind, I wanted to share with you some fabulous things I've seen on the internet and I'm itching to get going with my dressing room! I feel a shopping spree coming on!!!

(Click on picture for more deets & to shop!)

H x x


  1. Sooooo jealous Heather, to have a dressing room is my dream ( not that I'd have enough clothes to fill it) bet you have! Bet you can't wait to get started on it? xx

    1. I'm sooo excited! The next trip out there I'm going to sort it out and get the wardrobe tidied. I keep changing my mind on what furniture to have in there haha. I'm going to measure up, take some pics and try to do some proper planning! It won't stop me from picking up some accessories along the way though! Haha! x x


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