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Grand Hyatt Doha

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We went to Doha back in September 2011.

We went just for the night, I think I was on a 'visa run' to activate my new residency visa. Instead of doing the usual there and back, Mark and I decided to make a night of it.

We stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Doha (check it out here)

We had a club room, so we had access to the lounge, which also meant free food and drink! Yipee!!

I remember the food being stunning. They had Sushi on the night we stayed and it was just gorgeous. I think we definitely got our money's worth.

Breakfast was also served in the lounge, lot's of croissants & pastries, cereals, juices, tea & coffee. Delicious! 

The hotel overall was excellent. The rooms, the hotel grounds & communal areas and obviously the club lounge were a hit with us! The pool was huge, with ample sun loungers, also with a gorgeous beach.

The only thing that let it down for us, wasn't really the hotels fault. Where the hotel is situated there's lovely waters, but late afternoon some people turned up with their jet ski's and whizzed around for hours!

Obviously great fun for them, but not so much for us. Especially when you're trying to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and watching the sun going down. They created a lot of noise to say the least!

Nevertheless, this wouldn't stop us from going back, hopefully it was a one off!

Pictures taken while in the taxi on the way to the hotel!

The hotels grounds and views.

Heather ♥

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  1. Looks gorgeous. I love seeing all your travel snaps although makes me sooooo jelaous! xx


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