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Internet dramas!

So, yesterday wasn't the best day for me regarding all things blog and internet related!

Mark was up mega early for work, so I got up too and made him his cup of tea while he got ready. I know I could of stayed snoozing away in the land of nod, but I think it takes the p*ss slightly, as I don't work and am completely a lady of leisure! Anyway, I am kinda ridiculously in love with the guy, so I like to do things for him! Awww....

So, with hubby safely off to work, which I will divulge more about his whereabouts in a later post for you guys! Winky face!

The day was kinda started, so I thought I may as well stay up and get going with my houswifey jobs, catch up with bloglovin' and generally all things blog related.

I've been playing around with Polyvore for a bit, so yesterday I made a 'set' and published it. (Still getting the hang of it, so bare with me if you see some posts, lol!) Well, as that published my whole site went down! I couldn't access my blog and I instantly started to freak right out and completely panic!

Now, I don't think it had anything to do with the Polyvore post, I think it was a huge coincidence! I deleted it anyway, just in case! If you've been following me for a bit you will know, I'm not at all techno savvy and just learning these things as I go along!

Anyway, saw the parentals were on skype, so I quickly made an SOS call back home. Instructing my Step-Dad to put my web address in to see if it was still live online (sorry Al, for interrupting your fantasy football!). Negative, just said site down! Arghhhhhhhh! You can imagine my fear that my beloved blog had gone, lost forever in the deep, dark, depths of the world wide web. Completely flustered and stressing to the highest I hung up and started to tinker. Then I thought, tea, cup of tea solves everything! (It's an English thing, lol).
So, I stepped away from my laptop, drank my tea and returned slightly calmed down, ready to tackle the problem!

I still do not know what happened, but there it was, back again! Weird! Back to happy me and so relieved everything was still there! Phew! I then started to notice my internet kept dropping, grrrr. So since yesterday I'm constantly re-setting the box! UAE peeps, just one word, Etisalat, I don't have to say anymore, lol!

I was so incredibly tired by the evening, all that was left, was to take myself off to bed and watch Fashion Police.

A good nights sleep and I am back fresh as a daisy!

H x x


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