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Skirts on sale

It's that time of year where the summer sales are in full swing and the autumnal clothes are starting to fill the rails.

I love a bargain and I love sale shopping! (who doesn't?!)

But, how many time have we picked up an item, because it's at a rock bottom price and then it ends up sitting in the back of the wardrobe never to be worn. 

Even if it only cost a few quid, it's still a waste if its never gonna see the light of day!

So, when it comes to sale shopping we need to start being a bit more savvy and logical, when digging through the bargain bin. 

Now you may love that luminous pink, crop top, that's now down to a few pennies, but seriously, are you really gonna be wearing that anytime soon? 

When sale shopping, think about the seasons coming up, can you wear it through into the winter, then onto the following spring? If the answers, No, then it's best to put it back and keep looking.

Think about what you already have in your wardrobe and if you can work that bargain item for warmer and cooler days.

Skirts are definitely a good one to pick up in the sales. Think about how it would look with a summer top, bare legs, and sandals. Then think how it would look with a chunky knit, tights and boots. Think if it can be dressed up and dressed down. How would it look with a t-shirt, casual flats or trainers. Even as work wear, with a blouse and a smart pair of heels. If you can do all these things then you've definitely got yourself a bargain.

Here's just a handful of skirts I've seen online on sale at the mo!
(Click picture for more deets & to buy!)

H x x


  1. I do love a good skirt and you're right about the sale thing and wasting your pennies. I very rarely look at sale racks as I often find it's only full of rubbish. I don't understand these people that queue hours on end for a clothing sale, if I want something THAT much I'll get it when I want it and pay full price, not wait until its out of season! Rant over x

    1. Lol! Yep totally agree. I think you can get some really good sale stuff online these days. It's good to get something at discount, but only if it's gonna get worn... H x x


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