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Weekend round-up

Once again it's the start of another week and our weekend completely flew by!

Friday for us turned out to be quite a stressful day! We had a bit of a lie in, but we were nowhere near ready to get up yet, but as we could hear a chorus of cat cries we thought we best! We headed over to the pool with intention of sitting out for a few hours, but we noticed a very questionable 'object' sitting at the bottom, so we decided to give the pool a miss and go and do our grocery shop.

Arriving at our mall we decided to have a Starbucks to get us ready for the impending walk around Carrefour! Must admit, it was a good call. Skinny latte each and we shared a chicken, cheese quiche. Which are the best! But of course we both had a little sweet treat, me a large chocolate chip cookie and Mark a caramel shortbread slice.

With our tummy's full, off we headed to to do the shopping. We had to get ourselves a new water cooler/heater as ours had broken. The supermarket was empty, so it was quite a pleasant walk round! 

Once home, shopping unpacked and between breaking up a few cat fights, we noticed that the new water cooler wasn't working! Off we went back to change it. Changed no problem, back home and once again a few cat fights to break up and Poppy is peeing everywhere now (marking her territory!) so after clearing up a few accidents and cooking dinner, we noticed the unit we exchanged, is now leaking! Grrrr.... Now it was getting late and our patience wearing thin. Off we went back to the shops and exchanged the unit once again, this time for a different brand.

The new unit all set up and the cat's still arguing, fighting and chasing each other around the house we were pulling our hair out! That was it. Lily in her room, closed up downstairs and took ourselves off to bed. Absolutely blimin' exhausted! 

Saturday we planned to go to Aquaventure. Which in the morning we were both still so tired, but we were determined to go and have a 'day of fun'! It took us just over an hour to drive down to Dubai and make our way over to The Palm. Aquaventure is one of our favourite things to do in the UAE! I have written a post before about it here.

That was us, pretty much all day floating in a double ring along the lazy river. I'm not really into the actual water rides, they're not really for me, but I do love the lazy river, as it has the rapids which shoot you round every now and then, get splashed everywhere for a few seconds, then it's all calm again. 

The start of one of the rapids

For lunch we went to Shark Bites and opted for our usual cheese burger, fries and fizzy drink. It was scrummy! Definitely what you need for a day at the water park! All refreshed, money back in the locker and we headed back to the lazy river! After another couple of hours chilling out on our rubber ring and whizzing down the rapids, we both started to feel a bit sun kissed and worn out, so we called it a day and headed off to get freshened up. On the way out, we stopped off at Cold Stone Creamery for our post water park milkshake! Well, it has to be done! I had French Vanilla and Mark had the Caramel Latte. OMG! They were absolutely stunning! I think Cold Stone Creamery do the best milkshakes! 4 calorific scoops of pure heaven. YUM!!!

So, that was our weekend. I'm pleased to report the water cooler/heater is still working and fingers crossed, our run of bad luck in that department is finished! The cat's are both sleeping (in different parts of the house) as I'm typing away! As you can probably gather, our fur babies still haven't formed a lasting friendship! Lily does seem eager to be Poppy's buddy, but Poppy, being the grumpy teenager she's turned into, is having none of it! I'm hanging in there though and still hoping in time, they will bond!

H x x


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