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Keeping in the theme with yesterday's post , you can probably tell for us we're getting into the busy part of the year with various birthday's and anniversary's. Don't you find it goes in highs and lows throughout the year! April, May, June are manic with birthday's etc then not really anything till now! Along with using Moonpig , we really like Interflora  too.

Now, we've all heard of Moonpig  right!? They've been around for quite a while now. Since living overseas they really have become my saviour! I use them pretty much all the time! Sometimes, if we have visitors or meeting up with people in the UK or Spain and it's near to a birthday/anniversary etc, etc, we'll pass the cards on. But to be honest with you guys, I actually find using Moonpig  so much easier.

Instagram Summer

Spain vacay

Holiday Inn, Kiev

It's been a long Summer

I don't think anyone is as pleased, that the calender has well and truly turned and is now showing September, as me and Mark are! To say this summer has dragged, is an understatement! As you know, we bought a house earlier in the year in Spain. We've had quite a few trips out there each month on the trot, as we had to finalise paperwork, be there for continuing work that the builders needed to do and also, receive our shipped items from the UK. 
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