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It's been a long Summer

I don't think anyone is as pleased, that the calender has well and truly turned and is now showing September, as me and Mark are!

To say this summer has dragged, is an understatement!

As you know, we bought a house earlier in the year in Spain. We've had quite a few trips out there each month on the trot, as we had to finalise paperwork, be there for continuing work that the builders needed to do and also, receive our shipped items from the UK. 

It was quite a hectic and stressful, but exciting start to the year. It's been a few months now since we've been to the house and we are missing it and Spain immensely. Soon we will be reunited with our beloved.

We are very much looking forward to our next trip, as even though we have been fortunate enough to spend time out there at the beginning of the year, they weren't really 'holidays', as we were constantly doing stuff and with the long travel from Dubai added in, we were always knackered on our return to the UAE. 

We are of course, lucky in the meantime, to be living out in the UAE, in the sun, but I can tell you this my friends, it is NO fun here in the summer, at all! When we first arrived we loved it and really embraced the hot summers and couldn't understand why everyone, locals and expats would flee the country for the Summer. Five Summers later and we more then understand! Even though I may sound like I'm moaning and I'm sure there's plenty of you out there, would love a bit of this heat and sunshine, for a week, two weeks maybe, but day in day out it becomes tiring and relentless. 

Constant steaming up of glasses & sunglasses, the sea is so hot like a bath, you can't cool down in it. Luckily we have community pools, but these aren't exactly cooling and they become swamped with tourists visitors during the summer. The heat is so intense you can't be bothered to do anything, as soon as you walk out the door you look like you've just done the ice bucket challenge! Along with respecting the local traditions and cultures you have to of course be respectful with your outfits. So whereas in Europe, I may wear shorts and a vest in the stifling heat, this is certainly not the outfit you can wear here for when you're out and about, going to the shops and just generally getting your daily 'jobs' done. I'm hoping you're getting the gist that its not the most pleasant place to be during the summer months. 

Along with all this, Mark and I have been saving our pennies, so we haven't been as fluid with the cash and going for meals and buying clothes etc etc as we normally would. As anyone who's bought a house (and who's not a millionaire, lol) the first year is always the toughest, getting all our finances into place. But alas, September is here and we can now see light at the end of the tunnel. 

The days are becoming cooler, well only a degree here and there, but going in the right direction! We look forward to the temperature dropping about another ten degrees, so we can sit outside and enjoy the evenings (winter months are definitely the best in the UAE). 

We have a holiday coming up in Spain, to visit our house soon. Even though we will be busy sorting things out and doing a little bit of furniture shopping, its going to be our first trip in soo long, where we don't have to get up to the alarm clock to let the builders in. Seriously, who sets an alarm on holiday??? Well, we have the last few times! always the first days in as well.... So, as I was saying, I am sooo looking forward to chilling and relaxing and having a proper 'holiday' where Mark and I will actually be able to enjoy our house, explore the area and just, take our time and not have to 'clock watch' all the time, to rush back to the house for deliveries or workman!

H x x


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