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Spain vacay

We got back from Spain last weekend after a fabulous (but super quick) week there!

It was so good just to be in our house again and even though we were whizzing around the place tidying up, buying light fittings, a trip to Ikea, hanging pictures, assembling book shelves and a lot of gardening thrown into the mix, we still managed to have a fun holiday.

Marks Mum and her husband came out for a few nights and stayed in a nearby hotel. It was soo good to see them again and also actually having some 'quality' time together. Some lovely meals out and an afternoon chilling on the beach enjoying some tapas and San Miguel!

The beautiful beach at Mil Palmeras and my cheesy grin! I'm loving these aztec hairbands I picked it up in one of the many Chinese shops for about a €1! Absolute bargain. You must excuse my fluffy hair, it was the day before my trip to the hairdressers!

We also of course managed to squeeze in a spot of retail therapy. I must admit I was slightly disappointed as now summers coming to a close the shops are starting to fill up with their Autumn/Winter collections. Even though I love my warmer clothes, boots & knits, they're not really too practical for where I'm living. I did manage to pick up a couple of summer tops in the sale, a yellow tee and a white and pink stripe vest from a cool shop Polinesia. I also picked up some gorgeous gladiator sandals from Tino Gonz├ílez. I bagged three pairs all for €6 each, reduced from €19.99 a pair!

Sitting neatly on my dressing room rug which I told you about in a previous post. For the time being I've left them safely locked away in Spain, as it was pointless bringing them back to the desert as they would just get ruined with all the dust, dirt and sand here. Also, I'm so in love with them so much I want to preserve them for as long as possible, so they can take me into next spring and summer for rocking around Espana in!

Heather ♥


  1. The sandals are fab, too perfect for summer!

    I agree, the desert weather is pretty harsh. Most of my sandals and flats can only last for a year.

    1. Thanks Anne! I'm itching to get back to Spain so I can wear them again! Haha : )


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