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Urban Purple Nails

Weekend in Spain

Weekend sunning, shopping, scoffing!

After Thursdays post , it seems as though I truly did have bags, bags, bags on my mind! When hubs got home from work we popped to the mall to get some milk and a little window shop too! I noticed Parfois had a sale on and I always love having a look at their gorgeous bags and accessories. Also, noticing the 25%-75% off sale posters in the window, I had to have a look. Many gorgeous new season bags in and even though reasonably priced, I had to step away, even though I was majorly lusting over them.

My Bags

I keep seeing posts about whats in your make up bag/handbag etc. To be honest my make up bag isn't too exciting lol (something I'm working on!). I tend to keep my make up simple and quite often during the week, I am sans make up. I think because for years, while I was flying the skies, I was always caked in the stuff, so I'm enjoying that my face is allowed to 'breath' on a more regular basis!

Once a year...

Hiya guys! I shared this picture last week and it really got me to thinking. I'm sure when you initially read this, you start to think about that tropical far away destination that's gonna take you a thousand hours of flying time to get there and take you through crazy, busy airports. Yep, we all have those dreamy destinations in our head. Usually, I would say 'do it, go pack your bags, don't look back' but I'm also quite realistic as well as a romantic. It's not always possible, as these things cost money! I love to travel and explore. I think it's great for the soul and opens your eyes to what's actually out there and what goes on in our big world. 'It's a big world out there, It would be a shame not to experience it' Unknown Thinking about the Dalai Lama quote, 'Once a year, go some place you've never been before'. It doesn't necessarily have to mean that sultry island in the middle of turquoise wat

Morning walk - Al Hamra Village

Up mega early this morning. 4.30am the alarm went off, Ouch! It reminded me of my flying days, having to get up and ridiculous o'clock for early morning ski flights in the winter months. I'm telling ya, you should only have to get up in the middle of the night, if you're catching a flight for your holidays, that is the only time it's fun and acceptable lol! Any other reason feels like torture! Anyway, Mark had to get up early as a busy day ahead and things to do places to go and all that jazz! So being the good wife I am, I made him his cuppa and waved him off into the dark morning.

Where'd the weekend go???

This weekend seriously flew by!!!! It was fab. Simple as that. To be honest not many pics from the weekend (I know, massive blogger fail!!!) except maybe a couple of our cute kitty cats lol!

Blogging friends

Since hubs returned to work after the long weekend, the rest of the week has kinda dragged. Not sure why, as there was only 3 days left of it 'till the weekend again! Hey ho.... So, getting on with my housewife duties, I pretty much blitzed the house and even got that wretched pile of ironing done (which may I add, stayed sitting on the armchair all weekend, oops!) see last Thursdays post  lol! The rest of my time has pretty much been spent playing  catching up with internet stuff and trying to keep the cats from killing each other. Yep, they're still not getting on, sad face. But we're hanging in there!

Long weekend

I mentioned on Thursday that it was a long weekend here in the UAE. Hubs is back at work today, but we just had the best four days off! It reminded us of our Abu Dhabi days, when Mark worked shifts of four on, four off. Two days off at the weekend never seems long enough now! But four days, four days is fantastic!

Chit chat, this and that

Hello lovelies! Well I've been trying to write this blog post all day! and finally getting my writing groove on. If not still struggling slightly! Do you ever get days like this, when you just can't seem to get round to anything and everything is a real effort! Well, that's me today. I've managed to do a little bit of washing up and that's only because Lily was walking through it all and I swear I was about to lose another mug to her ever so cute clumsiness!

1st October

Hello October indeed! Seriously, when did that happen?? After what seemed like the longest Summer, September finally arrived, but has well and truly whizzed past and now we are well into Autumn!
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