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Blogging friends

Since hubs returned to work after the long weekend, the rest of the week has kinda dragged. Not sure why, as there was only 3 days left of it 'till the weekend again! Hey ho....

So, getting on with my housewife duties, I pretty much blitzed the house and even got that wretched pile of ironing done (which may I add, stayed sitting on the armchair all weekend, oops!) see last Thursdays post lol!

The rest of my time has pretty much been spent playing catching up with internet stuff and trying to keep the cats from killing each other. Yep, they're still not getting on, sad face. But we're hanging in there!

So, a pretty non-eventful week really, except for hubby nearly getting wiped out on the side of the motorway, as his tyre went flat and had a complete drama when changing the wheel! Now a little bit of background, hubs has been an Aircraft Engineer for 30 odd years and recently gone into management, so he is more then capable of changing a car tyre, but when he used the jack that comes with the car, a Dodge Charger 5.7 litre R/T (pretty big car, getting my drift) the bloody thing collapses! I'm no expert on these things, but even I would of thought the car companies would provide a jack that is suitable for the car it's in! Seriously, is it all just lip-service these days!! Anyway, hubs got it sorted as a couple of guys stopped and offered him their jacks... There are still some good people out there!

Other then car dramas nothing has really happened, until yesterday. Mark came home with a little package, that got delivered to his work for me! It was from my friend Steph, who writes the blog Priceless Life of Mine (which you should check out btw! click here!). We met through the blogosphere and have become firm friends. That's what I love about blogging, you meet so many lovely, like minded people from all over the world and friendships are instantly built. She sent me this gorgeous little plaque for our new home in Spain. A card and a lovely letter too. Seriously made my day! Thank you again Steph! I love it so much!

Happy Thursday guys!

Heather x x


  1. You are more than welcome lovely lady. So glad we met through the blogosphere and long may our friendship continue x x

    1. Thank you so much! Ahh me too! : ) Forever Friends! : ) x x x


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