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Chit chat, this and that

Hello lovelies!

Well I've been trying to write this blog post all day! and finally getting my writing groove on. If not still struggling slightly!

Do you ever get days like this, when you just can't seem to get round to anything and everything is a real effort! Well, that's me today.

I've managed to do a little bit of washing up and that's only because Lily was walking through it all and I swear I was about to lose another mug to her ever so cute clumsiness!

The pile of ironing is still sitting on the armchair looking at me and if ironing called talk, I'm sure it'd be saying 'come on you lazy cow, do some housework'!

It's now 3.43pm and I have nothing to show for my day!

Well I have managed to paint my toe nails, lol. It's my fave Rimmel in 'cocktail passion'. I'm still rocking the corals, as I still can't bring myself to use the autumn colours that are very 'in' at the mo. See yesterday's post it might make a little more sense!

I did get to speak to my Mum today, which I always love! She's coming out to visit us in November for a week and I cannot wait!!! But that is it for me today! It's a long weekend here in the UAE, so hubby gets an extra couple of days off, which is lush! So looking forward to a lot of chillaxing and we may venture into Dubai too. Ooo get us! Haha.. Keep an eye out on next weeks posts!

Have a fab weekend friends!

Heather x x


  1. I was exactly the same on Monday. I had no energy whatsoever which was a pain as I had planned to get so much done in my head but it just didn't happen! No blogging done, no cleaning done, no ironing done. I didn't sit down really, just mooched around and not sure what I did all day!!!! Didn't help that it was a right miserable day here in the good old UK xx


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