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Long weekend

I mentioned on Thursday that it was a long weekend here in the UAE. Hubs is back at work today, but we just had the best four days off! It reminded us of our Abu Dhabi days, when Mark worked shifts of four on, four off. Two days off at the weekend never seems long enough now! But four days, four days is fantastic!

So Friday we were up bright and breezy and off we went for a day out at The Dubai Mall. We haven't been there for ages, so we were really looking forward to it. It was so nice to actually just be going there for a browse, spot of lunch, be a little 'touristy' and not have to get anything, be anywhere, just take our time and enjoy! When we lived in Dubai we were always in there, but each time we would be rushing around and just nipping to certain shops! So this was sooo refreshing to chill and have a laugh.

First port of call as always was Costa. Huge coffee and cake to power ourselves up for the day! We enjoyed browsing through the designer boutiques and house planning in the fancy furniture shops. The shoe level district was beckoning for us to stroll through! I have been through there before, but have never stopped and had a good look around. We must of looked so much like tourists all day, as I was taking pictures left, right and centre and getting Mark to snap my pic! Haha.. We got some good memories caught on film, but not very blogworthy I'm afraid! My little iPhone isn't the best and with me in charge, well, I think I need some more practice, lol! All good fun though!

After a spot of lunch at Red Lobster, where we shared the shrimp platter starter. The sweet chilli shrimp were sooo tasty! Wasn't too keen on the coconut shrimp mind, nothing actually wrong with them, just too 'coconutty' for me, haha! We took ourselves off for more browsing in the shops. Bloomingdales caught our eye, where we got ourselves a gorgeous beach towel each, for our roof terrace in Spain. Mines bright pink and says 'Big pink towel' and Mark got a black one, which says, yep you've guessed it! 'Big black towel' lol. They've already been packed away for Spain before I could take any pictures of them, but I'm sure you get the jist! I did try to have a look for them on the Bloomingdales website, but couldn't see them on there, but I did notice they've got a bit of a sale on though! Have a peek here if you're a fan! Anyway, I'm sure our towels will feature many times in future posts!!

Tee - Matalan similar here // 
Skirt - American Eagle similar here // Shoes - Matalan similar here & here

Come the afternoon our feet were well and truly aching! The mall was filling up rapidly and we were beginning to feel well and truly shopped out! So that was our queue to leave and make our way back to RAK. We stopped off at the mall just by our house to pick up some milk and treat ourselves to a Johnny Rockets milkshake. They are the best! Very calorific, but flippin' tasty! Brilliant end to the day!

The following three days were spent chillaxing at the pool with a little bit of swimming and yesterday we went to the beach. We definitely picked the right day, as it was empty! Love it! So we floated around in the sea, had some strolls along the sand and enjoyed getting a little bit bronzed!

Heather x x


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