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Morning walk - Al Hamra Village

Up mega early this morning. 4.30am the alarm went off, Ouch!

It reminded me of my flying days, having to get up and ridiculous o'clock for early morning ski flights in the winter months. I'm telling ya, you should only have to get up in the middle of the night, if you're catching a flight for your holidays, that is the only time it's fun and acceptable lol! Any other reason feels like torture!

Anyway, Mark had to get up early as a busy day ahead and things to do places to go and all that jazz! So being the good wife I am, I made him his cuppa and waved him off into the dark morning.

Even though it was still early, I'm one of those people that when I'm up, I'm up. I very rarely take myself back off to bed and if I do, I just get side tracked and end up watching T.V or just playing on my phone.

After my second cup of tea I was feeling surprisingly awake, so as soon as it got light, I put my trainers on and took myself for a walk. In the mornings I usually just walk around the golf course, but today I headed off down towards the Marina. It was so beautiful, still and calm, the odd person around. Very peaceful. The temperature is perfect now in the mornings.

Must admit I really enjoyed today's walk. It's definitely the start of a new routine! 

Heather x x


  1. What a view! A promising day for sure.

    1. Thanks SuperLux! Yep it does set you up right for the day!


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