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My Bags

I keep seeing posts about whats in your make up bag/handbag etc. To be honest my make up bag isn't too exciting lol (something I'm working on!). I tend to keep my make up simple and quite often during the week, I am sans make up. I think because for years, while I was flying the skies, I was always caked in the stuff, so I'm enjoying that my face is allowed to 'breath' on a more regular basis!

Yesterday, I was tiding up my handbags. I've taken a whole bunch over to Spain already, which I desperately need to sort out and donate a few to the local animal charity shop. I've kinda come to a stand still with the ones I can't 'live' sob sob, without on a daily basis, even though hubs would beg to differ and reckons I only need the one bag. Men hey! They just don't understand, haha!

So here's what's left. Everyday bags. Evening bags. Popping to the shop/vacay casual bags. Some are older then others, but I love them all! If you like any of them I've found some similar more updated ones for you, if not better! Take a peek...

Everyday Bags

From top, left to right.

Brown Sisley Bag - This is my most recent bag and use it all the time! I've just found the long strap for it too, was buried in the drawer! Similar here (Use code FAMILY25 & get 25% off on Shopbop)

Tan & Dark Brown Satchel Bag - Originally from Parfois.

Brown Saddle Bag - Originally from Matalan, Similar herehere.

Brown Guess Bag - From Guess in Malaysia. It's been used so much and started to wear, but I still love it! Exact one here!

Brown Bag - Primark! I've had this ages! The material is so soft & I love the distressed look it has to it, I call it my slouchy bag! Similar here.

Black Bag with Red edging - Gift from my Sister.

Fiorelli Bag with Multicoloured Circles - Gift (again) from my Sister.

Evening Bags

From top, left to right.

Snakeskin Bag - H&M. Similar here.

Small Gold Bag - Topshop

Brown Clutch - Says Jimmy Choo, but it's not really! I got it in Goa years ago & I love the shape & colour of it. 

Silver Fiorelli Clutch

Black Envelope Clutch - Aldo. I love how this also comes with a long strap, so you can hang it from your shoulder or even across the body. Also come with a gold wrist clasp, so you won't loose it on those boozy social nights out! 

Eggshell Blue Clutch - Accessorize. Also comes with a gold link chain detachable strap. 

Popping to the shop/vacay casual bags

From top, left to right.

Cream Crochet w/ Tassles - Aeropostle. 

Quicksilver Bag - Gift from my Sister! 

Aztec Bag - Suite Blanco. 

Green Beaded Bag - Topshop in KL. 

Multi Coloured Bag - Accessorize. 

I hope you've enjoyed having a nose at my little bag collection! Let me know if you get any of these, especially if you pick up any of the eBay bargains!!!

Heather x x


  1. Lovely bag collection. I did the same lately. A good wat to find out how many bags there are in my closet ;)
    X Sandra

    Www.morestylethanfashion. com

    1. Thank you Sandra! Yep, it's good to have a sort through every now and then, to see what we have lurking!! Haha... x x

  2. Lovely bag collection. My favorite would be the brown saddle bag as well. God Bless, Jesus /Love!

    1. Thank you Chelsea! I know saddle bags are the best, love having my hands free haha!!
      Heather x x


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