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Once a year...

Hiya guys!

I shared this picture last week and it really got me to thinking. I'm sure when you initially read this, you start to think about that tropical far away destination that's gonna take you a thousand hours of flying time to get there and take you through crazy, busy airports. Yep, we all have those dreamy destinations in our head. Usually, I would say 'do it, go pack your bags, don't look back' but I'm also quite realistic as well as a romantic. It's not always possible, as these things cost money!

I love to travel and explore. I think it's great for the soul and opens your eyes to what's actually out there and what goes on in our big world.

'It's a big world out there, It would be a shame not to experience it' Unknown

Thinking about the Dalai Lama quote, 'Once a year, go some place you've never been before'. It doesn't necessarily have to mean that sultry island in the middle of turquoise waters. It can also mean, something as simple as, jumping in your car, driving an hour and see where you end up. Go to a town near you, where you've never been, a city, a museum, a castle, a park or country walk. Even that weird and wonderful shop you always pass, take a look inside, you maybe surprised and find that treasure you've been looking for. Explore where you already live and make the most of everything around you.

Mark and I are totally going to start doing this. Even though our next few trips will be to our house in Spain, doesn't mean we can't explore new places. In December, we're heading out for a weeks holiday and as it's not going to be 'sunbathing' weather, we won't feel obliged to hit the beach and be lazy in the sun! We're also very fortunate we have the sun here, so if we're feeling a little pale we can easily top up the tan! We're quite relieved in a way that it wont be 'scorchio' as it means we will have time to get in the car, drive and discover some new places!

x Heather

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  1. I've heard that quote before but it's not been until I read your post that I actually started to think about possibly doing it. It does sound like a very expensive idea but as you said, it doesn't have to be expensive, it doesn't have to be far. I think this is definitely something that I want to try from now on, it'd be a great way to create memories and have those stories to share when I'm a grandmother :)

    - Taisie ♥ | Life by Taisie

    1. Hi Taisie! Thank you for your lovely comment. I totally agree, to explore new places doesn't mean we always have to go to a fancy destination and spend loads of money getting there! There's always somewhere new to explore not far from where we're living!
      Just followed you on bloglovin : ) gonna hop over to your Twitter too!
      Have a great day
      H x


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