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F&F Monochrome flat shoe and 25% Sale!

The other day I spied these flats in a F&F store here in Ras Al Khaimah. Now I know some of you at home, when I say home I'm talking the UK, as you're probably thinking it's only Tesco clothes , but I seriously really like their stores and was so happy when they started to pop up in the UAE! I used to do the grocery shopping in Tesco at home and I'd always have a good mooch around the clothing section and something would always slip in the trolley! Haha.

Water water everywhere

So, when I used to fly (yep, I did work once lol!) I used to get told all the time 'you've got lovely skin' and asked 'what's your secret?'. OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration, I got asked this once haha, but it could of been more, it could of been!!! Anyway, I'm sure this was at the very beginning of my flying career, where I was young, fresh faced and bushied tailed!

Kylie Jenner AMA's 2014

I know, I know, the American Music Awards were on Sunday and you're probably thinking, why is she going on about it now, that's old news!? Well, I maybe a little behind on getting in there and reporting my faves of the night, but in my defense, here in the UAE everything get's shown a few days later, so I've only just got to see the outfits on E! Live on the Red Carpet today (always my main source for everything celebrity!).


Getting back into it

If you follow my Suncream and Sparkles  Facebook  page, you'd have seen I've had my Mumma visiting from the UK the past week, so I've been a little absent from all my social media. We had the best time. Walks and stopping for coffee in the mornings, chilling out by the pool, Mum making me go in the freezing cold water to swim, as I kept moaning about my bingo wings, lol, she said 'swimming is the best thing for your bingo wings'  (which is soo true, swimming is one of the best exercises for your body).

Some cuteness for the weekend!

Lusting after

Having a browse on the  Matalan website , as you do! This gorgeous Gypsy Dress  caught my eye. On further inspection, I am totally, 100%, head over heels, in love, with this dress! The long sleeves, the pattern, the detail of the tassel tie front is perfection in my book. Already I've got loads of different looks for this dress whizzing around my head! This is the perfect type of dress that you could buy now, wear it throughout the winter and can take you right round into the summer.

Munich Christmas Market

The weekend

So this weekend went super quick! To be honest we didn't have any plans, no fancy Halloween parties to go to, no urge to go out on the town, but that was absolutely fine with us. It was one of those, easy, relaxed weekends, where we were more then happy just to 'chill'. Friday we sat out in the sun for a little bit, did the grocery shop and of course had the customary Starbucks before hand, but I did manage to resist the cake, only just mind!
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