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F&F Monochrome flat shoe and 25% Sale!

The other day I spied these flats in a F&F store here in Ras Al Khaimah. Now I know some of you at home, when I say home I'm talking the UK, as you're probably thinking it's only Tesco clothes, but I seriously really like their stores and was so happy when they started to pop up in the UAE! I used to do the grocery shopping in Tesco at home and I'd always have a good mooch around the clothing section and something would always slip in the trolley! Haha.

Anyway, back to the shoes, I was immediately in love and when I tried them on, OMG! perfect. I wasn't sure how the 'white' would look, but it looks so good. I had jeans on at the time and they were the perfect match for a pair of denims. With any flat of course, they go with pretty much everything, skirts/shorts/dresses/maxi skirts etc etc.

Anyway, I'm holding out for National Day here on the 2nd, as I'm hoping there will be a sale! Whether or not there is, they're a really good price anyway, at 89 AED. But I've seen that online at Tescos they have 25% off EVERYTHING! until Monday night! OMG! Amazing! Check it out here! Get yourself on there guys, they have soooo much good stuff!!!!

Let me know if you purchase anything!

Happy shopping!

Heather x x


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