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Getting back into it

If you follow my Suncream and Sparkles Facebook page, you'd have seen I've had my Mumma visiting from the UK the past week, so I've been a little absent from all my social media.

We had the best time. Walks and stopping for coffee in the mornings, chilling out by the pool, Mum making me go in the freezing cold water to swim, as I kept moaning about my bingo wings, lol, she said 'swimming is the best thing for your bingo wings' (which is soo true, swimming is one of the best exercises for your body).

I only managed two lengths, haha. Seriously, the water is Arctic temperatures at the mo and I need to collar the pool guys to up the heat asap! We went out for some lovely meals, did some shopping, where Mum was very successful, me not so much, but I did see the most gorgeous bag in Matalan, you can find it here, but I resisted. At the end of Mums trip she gave me some money for it, as she knew how much I loved it! Yay! Another trip up there for me and hubby soon : )

So, after moping around Sunday afternoon and yesterday, missing my Mum and feeling that life is crap with no family or friends nearby and just poo pooing everything, the house felt so empty and lifeless and I just couldn't be bothered with anything and everything felt like a chore and just a big hassle. Get the drift I was a little bit sad and depressed, lol! But today, I'm feeling loads better. I've showered, been to the local shop to get a few ingredients for dinner (trying out a little recipe tonight, so watch this space, if it turns out well I'm sure it'll pop up on the blog!) and slowly catching up on all things internetty.

Whenever I've had some time away from my blog, I always find it hard to get back into it and I always find myself questioning is it all worth it? and what's really the point of this little blog of mine? But, I'm always drawn back in and love when I, get back into it!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Heather x x


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, but bless you it must be hard being away from your family and its so far away isn't it, not like you can just hop on a plane for a couple of days. I totally get the bit about you being fed up and a bit down and not wanting to do anything but you'll soon get back into your daily routine and your 'blogging' routine! xx

    1. Thanks Steph... yeah it is hard at times, especially when we had such a fun time! Slowly getting back into things, slowly! lol x x


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