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The weekend

So this weekend went super quick! To be honest we didn't have any plans, no fancy Halloween parties to go to, no urge to go out on the town, but that was absolutely fine with us. It was one of those, easy, relaxed weekends, where we were more then happy just to 'chill'.

Friday we sat out in the sun for a little bit, did the grocery shop and of course had the customary Starbucks before hand, but I did manage to resist the cake, only just mind!

With it being Halloween we watched The Purge, Anarchy. Now, I know it's not a horror, but I hate horror films, I get so scared (I know, I'm a wimp, haha!) and also with films along the same lines as The Purge. But I loved it! I think Mark was surprised I suggested watching it and secretly happy that he didn't have to endure another 'chick flick', LOL!

Saturday we chilled out at the pool for a while before being rained off! Arghhhhhhhhhhhh! Seriously it's a nightmare when it rains here, it's so depressing. Luckily, it didn't last for too long. The rain cleared, but the sky was still looking moody, so we thought we'd go for a little walk. We ended up down at Al Hamra Marina and stopped at Tuscano coffee for a latte. It's officially my new favourite place for coffee! The latte was soooo good and sitting outside, overlooking the marina, picking which boat we'd have, lol, it was a perfect end to a lovely chilled weekend.

Not forgetting my beautiful baby Lily falling asleep on my chest in the evening. My arm went dead, but I couldn't bring myself to disturb her! Haha...

Heather x x


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