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Hiya everyone! New Years Eve 2014. Wowser! Where has the time gone?! I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone for reading my blog, following me on Twitter , Instagram , Facebook ! It means so much to me, every comment, like, favourite you guys give! Looking forward to 2015 and sharing it all with you!!

Tweeting my motivation

'Don't wait until the New Year to make positive changes in your life, start now!' OK, those of you who follow me on  Twitter  (which you should be following me btw!) would of noticed I tweeted 'Let the battle of the bulge commence! #7minworkout done! Why wait till new year?!' Seriously, my weight is really bothering me at the mo. It's time to step things up and get myself moving! Now, I love my food and really don't want to go on any crazy diets, which are only ever a quick fix anyway! So, I am just gonna 'take it easy' with my food, not deprive myself, but not binge either! Step up my exercise, as one walk a day isn't really doing much!

28th December 2014

Hiya Guys!! I hope everyone had a fab Christmas and are now looking forward to NYE celebrations.  We had a quiet Crimbo, but was nice hanging out together, pigging out on a huge roast, chocolates and sweets. We still have our Christmas Pud, so I think that'll get demolished NYE! Boxing day we sunned ourselves in the garden, then headed down to Abu Dhabi and met friends for dinner on Yas Island.  Now everything's kinda back to normal. Hubs back at work today (not that he had any time off over Christmas lol), but excited it's only a 'four' day week this week, as of course, New Years Day on Thursday is a holiday. Yipee, lovely long weekend! It's double celebrations for us at the weekend, as not only do we see in the new year and are so looking forward to 2015, Saturday is Hub's Birthday, the big 50!!! I think I'm more excited then Mark lol, I love Birthdays, especially the biggies! Again, we're staying low key and probably go out for a bite

Chit chat

Hiya guys! Sorry I've been a little quiet over the last few days, to be honest, I've been racking my brains about what to write and it's been, well, pretty empty up there, lol! The weekend was lurvely! We did absolutely nothing! Just chill, chill, chilled! We were soo knackered after our week in Spain that we needed a complete weekend of nothingness. Even though the 'holiday' to Spain was fab, it was so tiring too. Between me being sick and builders coming 4 out of the 6 days, there wasn't much time to relax and it was cold! Blimin' freezing in the house actually, haha. Our air cons do switch to heat, but the downstairs one doesn't seem to be too powerful, hmmm, something else to get looked at! So, it was nice to be back in the warmth of the UAE.

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FatFace Pyjama Shorts

We are finally back from our little Spanish vacay. I would love to tell you how it was filled with tapas, vino, shopping and walks along the beautiful beaches, but alas it was not. Instead, hubby fell down the stairs, I was struck down with a sickness stomach bug and was wiped out for a day and a half. We both now have colds. The house needs even more work done to it, more blocked pipes, affecting the main bedroom air con, so the wall needs to come down! Other then that, we had a lovely time! We did, honestly. Even with all the bad luck we still remained positive. The builder is really good and is getting everything sorted with the house and with our sickness, well, we'd rather be poorly in our own home, then a random hotel somewhere!


(from the internet - google search) I saw this quote today and I shared it over on my  Facebook  page. It' such a simple quote, but it's true, Be Your Own Inspiration. 100%, do what you want to do, how you want to do it and don't just 'follow the crowd'.
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