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28th December 2014

Hiya Guys!!

I hope everyone had a fab Christmas and are now looking forward to NYE celebrations. 

We had a quiet Crimbo, but was nice hanging out together, pigging out on a huge roast, chocolates and sweets. We still have our Christmas Pud, so I think that'll get demolished NYE! Boxing day we sunned ourselves in the garden, then headed down to Abu Dhabi and met friends for dinner on Yas Island. 

Now everything's kinda back to normal. Hubs back at work today (not that he had any time off over Christmas lol), but excited it's only a 'four' day week this week, as of course, New Years Day on Thursday is a holiday. Yipee, lovely long weekend! It's double celebrations for us at the weekend, as not only do we see in the new year and are so looking forward to 2015, Saturday is Hub's Birthday, the big 50!!! I think I'm more excited then Mark lol, I love Birthdays, especially the biggies! Again, we're staying low key and probably go out for a bite to eat, just the two of us.
My sister's over in the UK at the moment visiting the fam for Christmas and New Years. On her way back to Oz, she's stopping off with us for a few days! I'm too excited! I haven't seen my sister since we were in Malaysia, back in 2010! Seriously, it's been too long, so am really looking forward to catching up and having some quality sister time with her.

Do you remember me mentioning about Lily going to the vets? Anyway, she's OK, but had the start of cat flu, poor little thing. A couple of injections at the vets and half way through her course of antibiotics, she's well on the mend. 

So, as we're approaching the new year, has anyone started thinking about their new years resolutions? Do you bother making them? Or just think it's a waste of time? I kinda say the same thing every year, lose weight, eat less, exercise more blah, blah, blah! I sound like a stuck record sometimes, haha!

Anyway, if you are making resolutions, good luck! I'm all for positive changes!!

Heather x x


  1. Glad you had a nice Christmas and got to go out with friends, ahem, where's the photos? I hope Mark had a nice birthday and as for your sister stopping over, wow. I cannot get my head around you not seeing her for 4 years!!!! That must be so strange although I'm sure you Skype or whatever all the time anyway, still not the same as her being there in the flesh! Hope you had the best time xxxx

    1. Oh we had a fab time, completely picked up from where we left off! We've promised we're not gonna leave it so long next time. I have a feeling a little trip to Oz will be on the cards soon! (well prob next year haha, but you know what I mean!) x x x


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