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FatFace Pyjama Shorts

We are finally back from our little Spanish vacay. I would love to tell you how it was filled with tapas, vino, shopping and walks along the beautiful beaches, but alas it was not. Instead, hubby fell down the stairs, I was struck down with a sickness stomach bug and was wiped out for a day and a half.

We both now have colds. The house needs even more work done to it, more blocked pipes, affecting the main bedroom air con, so the wall needs to come down! Other then that, we had a lovely time!

We did, honestly. Even with all the bad luck we still remained positive. The builder is really good and is getting everything sorted with the house and with our sickness, well, we'd rather be poorly in our own home, then a random hotel somewhere!

Anyway, let's get onto the main reason of today's blog post! Travelling back, we went via LGW and of course had a nose around the shops. I was sooo chuffed to see FatFace was there, as I thought they'd gone bust! Luckily for me they're still around and I instantly fell in love with soo much of their stuff. Such good quality.

Being a little sensible and kinda realising jumpers and winter clothes are a complete waste of time for me in the Middle East lol, yep getting sensible in my old age! I was drawn over to their sleepwear section. I picked up these gorgeous check pyjama shorts (here), tried them on, immediately fell in love and so chuffed that a (UK size) 10 fitted perfectly! I could of even gone for an 8 (jumping for joy!) but I like my sleepwear to be a little loose, so I'm nice and comfy in bed.

These pyjama shorts are made with 100% cotton and are so soft it's crazy, they have the cutest trim and white bow. I got them for £16.80 at the airport and they're £20 on the website. A little pricey for sleep shorts? Maybe, but the quality is fab and when you work out the SPW (spend per wear) they are a bargain really! Also, with Christmas around the corner these would make a lovely little present for your wife/girlfriend/sister/auntie/mother! They have them in full length (here) and if you fancy going the whole hog, they have the most amazing matching dressing gown (here) and slippers too! (here).

Sleep-shorts selfie! FatFace

Heather x x


  1. I'll pass on the shorts all the same but nice post. Shame about the house.

    Change "Other then that" to "than" and you're good to go.


  2. Loving these shorts, although not quite appropriate for the weather in the UK right now!! Looking good on you! xx

    1. Ahh thanks Steph! I love 'em! They do full length ones too, perfect for the UK climate! Link in the post hehe ; ) ; )
      x x x x


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