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Tweeting my motivation

'Don't wait until the New Year to make positive changes in your life, start now!'

OK, those of you who follow me on Twitter (which you should be following me btw!) would of noticed I tweeted 'Let the battle of the bulge commence! #7minworkout done! Why wait till new year?!'

Seriously, my weight is really bothering me at the mo. It's time to step things up and get myself moving! Now, I love my food and really don't want to go on any crazy diets, which are only ever a quick fix anyway! So, I am just gonna 'take it easy' with my food, not deprive myself, but not binge either! Step up my exercise, as one walk a day isn't really doing much!

I'm giving myself till the summer to lose at least a stone, tone up and generally not be puffed out by just walking up the stairs! I'm saying summer, as I think it's a more realistic target then saying, I want to be as slim and super fit as a Victoria's Secret supermodel by next week! Haha!

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We're planning a few trips over to Spain throughout the summer and I want to be able to wear nice summer dresses and the ever so popular midriff tops, that are looking like they are sticking around in the fashion world for a little bit longer. I want to be able to rock one of these at least once in my life, before I get too old and have to cover it all up!!!

I'm really determined this time and if you see any fitness/weight related tweets on my Twitter, please don't roll your eyes lol, I'm just trying to keep myself motivated!!!

Any top tips on losing weight/ certain foods I should be eating/ exercise I should be trying (p.s free exercise I'm afraid, fancy gym membership or classes are out of the budget this year!) Please share with me and wish me luck!

Heather x x


  1. Swim, swim, swim!!! You can do it. I'm trying to find a smidgen of motivation and I'll then be there with you all the way! Promise. We can do it together. xx

    1. Oh yes I forgot about swimming haha! Yes, feeling good about this! We CAN do it!!! : ) x x x


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