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Lusting After - Denim Skirts

I must admit for as long as I can remember, I've always been a fan of denim skirts. They're so wearable and versatile, they can be dressed up, or dressed down for pretty much any occasion. They can be worn with heels, flats, trainers, sandals, boots, well, pretty much everything! 

Need a 'Pick-me-up?'

We all have those days when we feel well, meh ... Mope around for maybe no reason whatsoever and just can't find any inspiration or motivation to do anything with our day. Now, I have felt like this on many of occasions and I'm sure I'm not alone either. But my friends this really isn't healthy for us and we should try to 'snap' ourselves out of it as soon as we notice the ' mehness ' creeping in. I've put together a little list of ideas to do if you find yourself getting like this and need to, well, Pick yourself up!

Mums visit

Eek! 4th of February since I last posted!! Sorry if you've missed me, but I have a good excuse this time! My lovely Mum has been visiting us for the last ten days from the UK. So, I've been playing hostess and being a very good daughter by keeping my Mum company by the pool (things you have to do, lol!). We had a flippin' fab time and as usual it went far too quick! The house feels very empty and quiet now, but I have been throwing myself into the housework (I'm such a domestic goddess, haha) to keep myself busy. I won't bore you with too many pics of my Mums visit. I was planning on doing a few blog posts of the restaurants, coffee shops, places we visited, but we were too busy gassing away and before I had a chance to take any photos for you guys, we had gobbled our food and ordered the next round of drinks!

A Bite to Eat - Sumo Sushi & Bento

Last night we went out for a spare of the moment dinner. We chose the newly opened Sumo Sushi & Bento. We have been in once before and really enjoyed it, so decision made and off we went. Location Al Hamra Mall Ras Al Khaimah (Upstairs near the food court)

Once upon a time....

Yesterday, Mark had meetings in Dubai, so I took the opportunity to bag a free lift to the big smoke and have a day hanging out at The Dubai Mall. While having a good 'ol mooch I passed the Stylist Arabia  stand and picked up my free copy. Now, I have seen the latest issues' cover, going around on social media and was so happy that I had actually managed to pick myself up a copy. The cover being... 'Once upon a time, there was a woman in Dubai. She was over 30, not in a relationship, and she didn't have children.... she lived happily ever after.' Stylist Arabia Instantly when I read this, I smiled a knowing smile and couldn't wait to read the article. Now, I know this doesn't completely apply to me, as I am married, but the over 30 and having no children part does.

Liebster Award - No. 1!

OK, firstly a huuuuge apology to Steph over at  Priceless Life Of Mine  because it's taken me sooo long to reply to this!! And of course a big Thank You for nominating me! I was also nominated by Jacqueline from  Sjaak&smaak  the other day, which has pushed my bum into gear to get on and answer you lovely ladies.
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