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Mums visit

Eek! 4th of February since I last posted!! Sorry if you've missed me, but I have a good excuse this time! My lovely Mum has been visiting us for the last ten days from the UK. So, I've been playing hostess and being a very good daughter by keeping my Mum company by the pool (things you have to do, lol!). We had a flippin' fab time and as usual it went far too quick! The house feels very empty and quiet now, but I have been throwing myself into the housework (I'm such a domestic goddess, haha) to keep myself busy.

I won't bore you with too many pics of my Mums visit. I was planning on doing a few blog posts of the restaurants, coffee shops, places we visited, but we were too busy gassing away and before I had a chance to take any photos for you guys, we had gobbled our food and ordered the next round of drinks!

So, the places we did go to, I'm just gonna have to drag hubby along again and enjoy the food, drinks and surroundings all in the name of blogging! The things we have to do, hehe!

We stayed local to Ras Al Khaimah and here's a few pics of me and my Mum out and about around Al Hamra.

We had a lovely lunch one day at 
the luxurious Banyan Tree

 Followed by a stroll round to the Hilton for a cheeky
afternoon Corona at Mai Tai

 Some pics from our morning walks
around Al Hamra Village

Great memories made and lot's of laughs had. We're hoping to rendezvous in Spain in the summer, but that seems so far away at the moment! I'm sure the time will go quick and we'll be sipping on cocktails together again!

Thanks for a fab time Mum, Love you x x x

Heather x x


  1. Oh my goodness these places look A-mazing!!!! Looks like you had a fab time, some special mummy/daughter moments. Although I'm very jealous just looking at that sunshine brightens up my day and may I say the photos are great by the way! xx

    1. Ahh Thank you Steph! We really did have a great time! The pics are just from my phone, but tweaked by good ol' picmonkey hehe x x x

  2. Oh, wonderful places! I hope you and your mum enjoyed a wonderful time together. With love,

    1. Hi Vera!
      How are you?
      We had a lovely time thank you! Went far too quick!!
      x x

  3. These pictures are stunning!! Where I am, we're going through a freezing period with a windchill up to -40 degrees celsius, makes your sunshine make the upcoming summer look promising haha. Nice to see you had such a great time with your mum!

    xx | cleverspice

    1. Thank you Alicia!

      We had a great time thank you! I can't even imagine -40! Brrr I don't think I could cope haha... Hopefully it'll start to warm up for you soon!
      x x


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