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Apartment Etiquette

We've been living in the apartment for a month now and after 4 short weeks I have observed some outrageously inconsiderate behaviour from our neighbours!

Now, my husband did have reservations about moving to an apartment because of potential noise, but me trying to be the optimist convinced him that it'll be absolutely fine and the apartment blocks aren't full, so there surely couldn't be that much noise. Anyway, people aren't that inconsiderate are they?

YES! Yes they are!

If you live in an apartment I'm sure you've come across some of these scenarios or if you are completely oblivious to this and think you maybe guilty of conducting one or two of these apartment crimes, please read, stop and have some consideration for your fellow neighbours!

1. PICK UP YOUR CHAIR! Seriously, I'm constantly hearing furniture being moved and scraped across the floor from the people upstairs. Now, where we are, the apartments above and below are all the same, so neighbour, it's a one bed apartment, you seriously can't have that much furniture to move and they are small spaces, so where on earth are you moving it too!

2. PUT YOUR SLIPPERS ON! Now, I love a high heel like any girl, but do you seriously need to constantly clippity-clop around the apartment, it echoes all the way downstairs! And seriously irritates your neighbour.

3. BE QUIET IN THE CORRIDORS! Every time people walk through the corridor, I constantly hear loud conversations and again people, it ECHOES around! Keep it down!

4. TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN! Seriously, do I even need to explain this one. The other day hubby and I came back from the shops and the guy opposite had his music on so bloody loud we could hear it, clearly may I add, in our apartment even with the door closed! How anyone thinks this is acceptable behaviour I do not know. God knows how the people below him felt!

5. TAKE YOUR KIDS TO THE POOL/PARK TO RUN AROUND! Now, I know it must be hard having kids in an apartment with no real outdoor space. But please, if they need their daily run around take them outside! People live below and can hear the constant thud, thud, thud of the precious darlings running around.

6. YOU DON'T NEED TO SLAM YOUR DOOR! Again, close the door gently, normally in fact, why do you feel the need to slam that door behind you!? Again, everything ECHOES in apartments!

7. DON'T DIY BEFORE 9AM! Or after 9pm in fact. That shelf doesn't need to go up instantly, it can wait, nothings that important to get your tools out at an unreasonable time, especially at WEEKENDS!

In a nutshell people, please be considerate and think about your fellow neighbours a little bit. Not everyone is on holiday here and actually does have to live and go to work. Some people may be shift workers and have to sleep at different times to you. Everything echoes in these apartments, so think about the time of day and how it'll affect your neighbours before you start some DIY, run around or dance the night away.

I must add though, it isn't just people in apartments that are inconsiderate. When we were in our last villa, which were in very close proximity to each other, worse then Coronation Street actually. One night the people next door but one, decided they were going to do karaoke till one in the morning, outside. Seriously! Are these people on a different planet!

I don't know whether it's because we live in a very fluid, expat community out here, that people have just completely lost track of being considerate to one and other and are so wrapped up in their own lives that, quite frankly, they don't give a damn!

Please, if you live in an apartment, maisonette, terrace, semi or anywhere basically that isn't a detached property in the middle of a field or desert, just think and be a little considerate to those around you.

Right, after that little rant I'm off to change my name to Mrs Meldrew!! *Insert laughing emoji*

Heather x x


  1. Oh Heather, we've had all those problems when renting an apartment on holiday, several times, even in hotels in fact, people above clip clopping around with no thought to anyone else so to have to live with it day in day out must be so hard. Just remember its not forever!!! xx

    1. I know that's what we keep telling ourselves! People are soo inconsiderate it's crazy!! x x


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