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Bathroom Selfie!

If you follow my Instagram you would of seen on Wednesday I posted a 'bathroom selfie'! Now, I keep seeing the 'bathroom selfie' on my feed so I thought, why not! Ha, a bit fun and my new bathroom has a huge mirror (and I've sold the full length one now!! So this is the only mirror in the teeny tiny new pad!)

I think it turned out alright! What do you think?! I'll be honest I took quite a few!! I think that's normal of the 'selfie'. Please just re-assure me, that it's not just me that takes a zillion pictures before deciding on the right one, then take a few more, you know, just in case they come out better! Crumbs, what have we turned into???? Selfie loving society!! Ahh, it's all a bit of fun, Oh and hubby, I'm still waiting for my selfie stick, hint, hint, wink, wink!!

Oversized shirt Pull&Bear // Black vest H&M  // Denim shorts American Eagle

Whenever I look at the photo I can't help but focus on the loo roll! Haha, insert laughing emoji! I could of tidied up a bit!! Ahh well, it's my blog, it's real, it's me!

The real reason I took the 'bathroom selfie' is I wanted to show you guys my new over-sized shirt. What do you think? I got it when we were last in Spain and I love it! Got a feeling this is gonna be my new Spring/Summer staple. I'm sure you're gonna see it popping up here and there!

Make sure you follow me on Insta to look out for future 'bathroom selfies!' I think it maybe a new blog fixture! 

Have a lovely weekend!!

Heather x x


  1. Love the selfie, love the shirt, and my your hair is growing!!!!! :) More selfies please xx

    1. Ahh thanks Steph! Yeah chuffed with my hair after the horrible chop a couple of years ago! Just need my roots doing now hahahaha! x x


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