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I've noticed that my posts seem to be far and few between lately. Too be honest I'm not too chuffed about it, but I don't just want to 'chuck' out posts for the sake of it. I'm gonna try to be more about the 'quality' then the 'quantity'. After all, my blog isn't a job, it's my little hobby, a little piece of me, my small, ickle place on the internet.

The last month has been kinda busy and quite a lot going on. After my Mum went home (you can see a little bit of her visit here) we packed up our villa and moved to a little one bed apartment. We're still in the same area, but after renting the villa for two years our rent went up a whopping 49%!

The rents here in the UAE are crazy at the moment, especially in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah are catching on to this. A lot of people are feeling the increase and are returning back to their home countries. With the mega rise in rents and the general cost of living going up, with no real salary increase, the attractiveness of the Middle East tax free salary is wearing a little thin. As to honest, it's not really worth it anymore.

We decided to completely downsize, as a lot of our furniture that we love and wouldn't want to be without, we took the plunge (a couple of months ago) and have had it shipped over to Spain. Fingers crossed it should arrive at the house next month! So, with less furniture we could 'fit' in a little apartment. But on the positive side there is a gym here, right downstairs for the residents of the building, always a silver lining! We don't have to fork out for fancy gym membership, or have to go far to burn off a few calories, haha!!

Our hearts are completely in Spain, at our beautiful Spanish house and we really don't want to waste anymore money (then we have too) on greedy landlords and crazy rent increases.

The weekend after the move we went to Spain for a long weekend. As usual we had a fabulous time. Extremely busy running around and getting 'jobs' done, but it was still great, we just love being there, around the people, the clean, clear air and it really does feel like home now.

When we were there last we set up a P.O Box (the post in the UAE is so hit & miss) we were really chuffed when we checked the box and it was full of letters and cards! Sounds crazy I know, but after nearly 5 years of UAE living we actually miss not having post!

Then back here after a tiring 4 1/2 hour drive to Madrid airport, 6 1/2 hour flight back to Dubai, taxi ride to Sharjah to pick the car up, then a 45 min drive back to Ras Al Khaimah. We cuddled our fur-babies and showed them their amazing new tunnel!! We can't resist buying them gifts and treats when we're away!

We then crawled into bed to catch up on some sleep. To be honest, since then we've been suffering from 'post holiday blues' or maybe 'homesick' from our home in Spain. It's never really a holiday when we go, as we always have various errands and jobs to do (which is always enjoyable!). We never really get to relax either, as hubby's work always end up ringing him - yup every time we're away that 'flippin Blackberry rings!

We are planning to go back over in April, for a week this time and hoping that spending a little more time there (a weekend is just not long enough!) we can relax and actually have a holiday.

The weather here as well has been really grim the past few days. A lot of dust in the air, miserable skies and sandstorms coming in. Which doesn't help the situation of our mood! At least if you have a bit of sun, it makes it seem a little worthwhile! haha!

Thanks for reading and I'll try not to leave it too long between posts!!

Heather x x


  1. I'm missing your posts my lovely but you've been so blooming busy its understandable! I totally know what you mean about Spain and I feel your pain, we love it there so much too. We've been back in the UK for some years now yet every time we go back it still feels like we'e going home!!! At least you know you have it to look forward to eventually, wish I had :(
    Keep on sparkling!!!

    1. Ahh thank you hun, It's hard isn't it, but like you say at least we have it eventually, it feels so close, but yet so far!!! I'm slowly getting back into things haha!! x x


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