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Vacay Diary - Spain in April

All about the Tea!

this post contains affiliate links - read more on my contact/pr page  here images in this post are from a google search & Pinterest You guys are probably aware by now, that I am a huuuuuge tea fan!  I'm a minimum of 3x cups of Tetley in the morning kinda of girl (I swear I'm turning into my mother!!). I drink Green Tea throughout the day, then late afternoon/evening it's back on the Tetley (which, I have been trying to switch things up lately and have de-caff tea instead, I'm such a rebel!!!). Before bed, I like to have a Chamomile Tea, it just, relaxes me and I loooooove the taste. Oooo and not forgetting Peppermint! Peppermint Tea is lush and if you can get Green Tea with Peppermint, OMG! even better - it's sooooo good for you!! Hmmmm, I think I am a bit of an addict, haha! (If you want further, more professional info on all things tea, check out  Twinings ,  Whittard of Chelsea  and  Holland & Barrett's   websites!)